Hungary (4400)

Hungary (4400)

Hungary is culturally rich nation with many museums, opera houses, and thermal baths. Today the majority of Hungarians are secular Orthodox, while many consider themselves irreligious.


OM began working in Hungary in the early 1970s, at that time through smuggling and distributing literature in the country. After the fall of Communism in 1989, OM Hungary established outreach teams, developed relationships with local churches and imparted missions vision to churches. These ministries continue today as OM Hungary seeks to further the vision of missions in the Hungarian church and motivate and equip Hungarians for world outreach.


Throughout the years, many Hungarians have served within and outside Hungary and regularly participate in missions presentations in local churches. Teams also visit youth conferences and the growing number of Bible schools to challenge Hungarians to get involved. Over the past 8 years, OM Hungary has also provided training in the principles of good Christian stewardship in all areas of their lives.


OM's Bus4Life ministry began in Spring 2004 with just a small trailer taking teams to work in unreached rural villages and small towns in Hungary. Through English teaching, sports ministry, film clubs and other activities, the Bus4Life seeks to communicate the message of the gospel. Over the last 6 years, the small trailer has grown to become a large bus that travels to various countries within Central Europe. In 2010 the Slovakian Baptist Church purchased its own converted van to supplement the work of the bus in bringing Christian literature to a wider audience, and OM Hungary purchased a small trailer to replace the original one. The vision for 2011/2012 is to raise funds to purchase and maintain a second large ministry bus for Central Europe as its popularity far exceeds its current availability.


Sports is one of the most universal activities in the world that brings together people from many different backgrounds and language groups. The first steps in baseball coaching were taken during a Spring Camp in 2002, and 7 local teams of varying ability have since joined the Hungarian Baseball League - a sports unique to Hungary. OM team members are involved in the teaching and training of over 100 adults and children each week, with an emphasis not only on training but also on skills for life through modeling Biblical principals.


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