MATCH my Easter Gift today!

MATCH my Easter Gift today!

Even with COVID-19 threatening the world, you can STILL help get the Gospel into unreached parts of North Africa and South East Asia for Easter this year. A generous matching grant (up to $30,000) means your Easter gift today can be DOUBLED to get the Gospel to men and women in these high-risk areas.

Bilal* is a young Muslim man who helped alongside OM with relief work among refugees in North Africa. Over time he accepted Christ, but he was very afraid to tell his friends and family. Our worker Imad* encouraged him to join Discovery Bible training. During this time, God worked on Bilal’s fear of being known as a Christian and sharing his faith — completely transforming his anxiety into boldness. Now Bilal leads three discipleship groups and does one-on-one evangelism with two of his Muslim friends — just as Imad did with him. Two of the men Bilal discipled have also participated in the training, continuing the cycle.

Similar amazing stories of transformation are being repeated hundreds and thousands of times around the world among people who were once completely UNREACHED and closed to the Gospel.  If you are able to participate in this Easter match — your gift can be DOUBLED in value to do TWICE as much!


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